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“What a Terrible Accident” Let's Play Dishonored: Part 11: The Party

The mansion's interior is simply beautiful. I knew that the Boyles were one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, families in Dunwall, but this is just insane. Despite having multiple objectives to carry out, I cannot help but to gawk at the sheer lavishness of the lobby. When I get done, I snack on an apple on the table. This may be a business trip, but I might as well enjoy my time here before the shit hits the fan. Security looks pretty tight, but as long as I have my mask and keep a low profile, I should be okay.

Now to get busy. I need to figure out which one of the three hosts is the Lady Boyle funding Lord Mole's military and take her out without arousing suspicion. Looking around, I see that the Ladies Boyle are all wearing recolors of the same costumes: one red, one black, and one white. What will make this tough is that I don't know any of them personally. While I've been to many noble parties during my many years as Lord Protector, and the Boyles were usually invited, the Empress was always my top priority in more ways than one. However, since this is one of their parties, and figuring out which one is which has become a game for the guests, I can try to talk to some of the guests here. Under the pretense of playing the game, they might be more willing to divulge information. Most nobles show up to these parties under a sense of obligation, but there have to be a few close friends to the Boyles in this place.

As I survey the grounds, I'm approached by a man wearing one of the ugliest makeshift masks I have ever seen in my entire life. My heart stops when he says that he knows why I am here. Shit! How would he know? Was I that obvious? Rather than rat me out, he simply requests that I speak with him in private. I thank the lucky stars, because this means I might have a way to salvage this situation. Before I can plan my next move, it would be wise to do as he says, so I follow him to a little corner where no one else will hear us. After making sure we are not being watched, the man in the ragged mask explains that he's done a few favors for us. Good, that means he's unlikely to expose me. Unfortunately, he gives me a rather troubling offer. Instead of killing her, I can kidnap Lady Boyle and take her to his boat in the cellar, after which he promises I will “never hear from her again.” Apparently, this guy has had a real crush on her for quite a while.

I'd love to avoid getting blood on my hands, but the way this guy makes his offer sound feels like a fate even worse than death. Killing her feels like a mercy if it means she doesn't end up in his hands, though this raises more trouble. If he truly feels this way towards the target, than when I do kill her he might retaliate. I can't risk this happening, so he has to die in order to keep my presence here secret. Still, he gives me the name of my target: Waverly Boyle. Having a name gives me more to work with, but I still need to figure out which of the three costumes she is wearing. I can't off this guy now, or else the guards might react much too strongly. This is going to be tough to execute. As I figure, it would be better to look around and plan a bit more before making a move.

When I ask about the Ladies Boyle, one of the noblewomen tells me to talk to a “Miss White,” also known as “Miss Moth.” She knows the Boyles and would likely have the information I need. As I approach the woman wearing a Moth-shaped mask, she asks for me to give her a drink after complimenting my “scandalous” mask and “poor sense of judgment.” Simple enough, I suppose. A quick trip to the fountain is all I need to satisfy her. Once the drink is in her hands, she becomes very loose lipped, divulging that Waverly is wearing the red costume while Lydia is in white. With this new piece of information, I have my target's name and costume. I tried to figure out a way to make Waverly's death look like an accident, which is when I had a devilish idea. My mask helped me convince Miss White to help me out, perhaps I can use it to charm the Lady Boyle. Waverly passes me by just as the idea pops into my head, so I go up and talk to her.

I use the pretense of the Boyles' game as a way to initiate conversation. After saying that I know which of the three sisters she is, I ask if she would like to have a private conversation. She calls my bluff, saying that she does not even know who I am. Thinking quickly to salvage the situation, I say that there is someone planning to kill her, and that I can save her life. I don't know how that worked, but it did, so I convinced her to some with me to the cellar. If that creeper from before is there like he said he'd be, I might be able to kill two birds with one stone. Since I don't know my way around, I follow her into the cellar, where she is summarily devoured by a swarm of rats that I summon.

That leaves the creeper. He's there in the boat, but taking care of him cleanly won't be easy. I try summoning a swarm of rats, but the boat resists my power somehow. I had to work around it by stabbing him with my blade and using the rats to, hopefully, cover it up after dumping his body onto the floor. Inspecting the cellars for a bit, I see an entrance to the sewer systems. That will give me the quickest and least patrolled route back, so that's what I use. Once in the sewers, I get over any fear I have of getting dirty and dive right in, using a nearby valve to open the grate to the river. Swimming back, I see that the patrols are getting more fierce, and Samuel had to retreat behind a closing floodgate in order to avoid being seen. Before the floodgate closes completely, I use a combination of Blink and my superior swimming skills in order to make it to the other side. Once I climb aboard, we both agree that it would best to leave as quickly as we can.

When we return to the Hound Pits, Samuel notes that Pendleton was supposed to meet us at the pier. Considering my suspicions, that worries me. The old boatman must have sensed my apprehension, and told me that he's probably just in the wine cellar, still lamenting the loss of his kin only a day ago. I decide to snoop around before meeting him for my debriefing. In the nobleman's room, I find a audiograph, this time it's not one of his boring memories. Clearly it was supposed to be, as he yells at his servant Wallace that he was trying to write them. However, he appears to have worked himself into a drunken rage. It was highly amusing.

Havelock's room greets me with the admiral himself working with Martin, though neither one of them are speaking. I discreetly peer into Havelock's journal. To my surprise, Martin has ascended to the rank of High Overseer, taking Baldy's place as top dog. For the conspiracy, this is good news. Considering I have the Mark of the Outsider, I'm not so sure it is for me. That's when I read the last potion of the last entry. As I have already surmised, the only person left for me to take out is the Lord Regent himself. That doesn't bother me. In fact, part of me is looking forward to it. What draws my attention is the sentence following that, “But what happens after that?” It seems to echo in the back of my head. What happens after this? I fear that the answer to that question is not one I am going to like.

Heading back into the bar, Callista calls me and asks if I can find Emily for her. Apparently they were playing hide-and-seek shortly before I arrived, and Callista was unable to find her (probably due to her Dunwallian dullness of senses). It's time for Emily's lessons, so she'd like her to be back soon. Since she is my daughter and I have been neglecting my duties as a father, the very least I can do is take her to school while I can. I already have an idea of where she went, so I go to my room to confirm my suspicions. Surprisingly enough, she wasn't there like I thought she'd be, so the next most reasonable place to look would be her room in the lighthouse. I don't find her, but I do find an audiograph Callista recorded, talking about her. Earlier before recording that thing, the two of them must have been talking about what will change when Emily becomes Empress. I can feel a mix of exhaustion, joy, and sympathy coming from Callista's voice as she talks about the many questions Emily asks of her. She ends noting that she can often hear my poor girl crying in her sleep. That alone just breaks my heart, but it's worse knowing there's nothing I can really do to about it. Instead of walking back down to continue my search, I decide to take the fun way by falling and then Blinking to the ground. Looking in the back alleys, I eventually stumble onto Emily. She hands me a Rune after we reminisce and I tell her to go do her lessons. She thought it would be a good luck charm, but it just gave her bad dreams. It's better that I take it, since I'm one of the few that can control those powers.

Since I've dodged him long enough, I go talk to Pendleton in the wine cellar. He seems peeved that I didn't give Lord Shaw his note, but I gather that's more his problem than mine. The man already plans to kill me, so I see no problem with giving him one more reason. Pendleton says the other two are looking for me, but I'll see to that later. Right now I want to see what Piero's up to. The mechanist seems pleased when I hand him the plans I stole for the Boyle manse. Apparently they can be used to build sticky grenades, but I don't have a use for them. Instead, I use my money to get him to build other supplies I might need, like plague elixirs. Now that I'm restocked, I go talk to Martin and Havelock over in the admiral's room. As we all knew, this is it. They tell me that this is the final mission. I'm to go as soon as I am able to Dunwall Tower and assassinate the Lord Mole. I expected this, but it feels weird to have it all coming to an end. I'm still concerned. Once this mission is over, they no longer have a reason to keep me alive. Despite my apprehension, I have to see this through to the end. Too much is at stake. I've done all I can here, so the only thing that remains is to talk with Samuel and embark on this last boat-ride....

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