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“What a Terrible Accident” Let's Play Dishonored: Part 12: The Regent

Arriving at Dunwall Tower is a very bittersweet moment for me. Were it not for all the security, guards, and the Lord Mole I've been sent to kill, this would feel a lot like a homecoming. As it stands, it's sad to see how far this place has fallen. What was once a bright and cheerful place where Jessamine did her best to help as many as she could is now under the control of a bleak and petty dictator. I may not have a great vantage point from the bottom of the water lock, but even from here the change is obvious. The darkness merely accentuates what is already there.

Due to my current standing with the government of Dunwall, I'm unable to get clearance to use the water lock's mechanisms to raise our boat to the garden of the tower. This means that I need to climb my way up myself and go from there. After all of the many, many buildings I've climbed in a few short days, this isn't a big deal to me, especially since I have magic teleportation powers. After climbing a few pipes, I find myself using these powers to land inside a nearby vent. There are spinning wheels that divide this vent, but in those wheels are gaps which I can easily sneak through. At the end of the vent, I see an opening that I use to exit onto a steel beam. From there, I see what appears to be a Bone Charm on the other side of the water lock, in another vent. Confirming that it is indeed a Bone Charm with the Heart, I Blink over there and pick it off of a corpse. It's a good thing that I was the one who picked it up, because as soon as I put it in my bag, a swarm of rats appears out of nowhere. Reflexively, I throw myself back to the other side using Blink before I am devoured by rats. Looking at the Bone Charm, I see that it helps me restore my mental energy faster, so I equip it onto my belt.

Taking a quick breath to calm myself down, I overhear a few guards talking on the level above me. One of them moves towards the bannister. If he looks down, I will be spotted, ruining any shot of assassinating the Lord Mole. Luckily, his Dunwallian inability to look around gives me the break I needed to get to the balcony by the door to the maintenance room. Opening the door, I am immediately greeted by an Arc Pylon. The door is just outside of it's effective range, so I'm safe for now. However, if I want to get to the upper levels, I will need to disable it somehow. The panel must be around here somewhere. I see that there is a metal barrier I can use to hide from the Arc Pylon, so I throw myself behind it, not giving the pylon any time to charge up. From there, I see not only the control panel, but the oil tank fueling the device. Quietly dislodging the tank from the conduit, I move upstairs and continue my ascent.

Rather than take the slow, painful route of sneaking through the top level of the water lock, I find that it is smarter instead to teleport onto a nearby spire and again to the roof of the building, bypassing the patrolling guards entirely. Sneaking across the rooftop gives me a perfect view of the tower gardens, so I take this as an opportunity to sit down and plan my strategy for braking in. While the basic structure of the garden is very much like how I remember it, security has clearly been improved. There are stations and watch towers that were clearly erected recently, on top of the large number of guards out on patrol. I also see construction laid about for further potential “renovations”. According to the Heart, two Runes are also in the area. One is close by, and I can likely get to it on the way to the tower proper. The other is clearly on the top of the tower. Unless the Regent is there as well, the odds are I won't be grabbing it. It's too risky.

Finishing my survey of the area, I decide to use the construction nearby to sneak through the right side of the gardens, behind a guard tower. Since the Rune is in the tower, I use a small hole in the construction to enter. As I climb up, I hear footsteps above me, and wait for them to pass before I pull myself up and Blink passed the patrol before he turns around. The watchman is in plain view of the door leading to the Rune, so I wait before making my move. Entering the room containing the Rune, I see that it must be the bedroom for the guardsmen in the area, judging by the cots, lockers, and food littered about it. One of the notices on a circular table says that after the death of my beloved Empress, Lord Mole severely restricted access to Dunwall Tower. That doesn't surprise me, but I'm still angered at the way he spits on her legacy. Rather than listen to the words of the people, this fool would sit and watch the city crumble. My resolve is strengthened after this. I know now that regardless of my expendability to the conspiracy, this man needs to die.

When I look back at the way I came into this room, I see an awning on the side of the tower I can use to keep the high ground and advance further into the complex. I can't teleport to it normally, so with a running start, I jump and then use my powers to get up there. Turning back, a wry smile crosses my face as I see that the guard is still completely oblivious. He didn't even hear me thanks to my boots, outfitted by Piero to be as silent as possible. Fortune smiles at me again when I gaze to my right, finding a ventilation shaft that leads directly into the tower foyer. On top of the archway above the main entrance, I see the Lord Mole himself talking through one of the screens to his top general, standing atop the staircase leading onto the second floor.

What luck! Apparently all the stress is getting to the old fool. Rather than stay in his safe-room on the top floor, he heads to his bedroom. Considering that there is only one real “bedroom” in this tower, the rest being more accurately called barracks, I know exactly where he'll be. I can't help but be mad that this sick individual is sleeping in the room that rightfully belongs to the woman he contracted a hit on, but that's tempered by the relief that I won't have to struggle to get there. After all, the bedroom's balcony directly overlooks the foyer, and from my vantage point I can see that the door is wide open. As many people on patrol as this idiot has, there was absolutely no way he could have known that his pursuer has the power to throw himself onto the chandelier, and then to the balcony. The moment he decided to leave that room was the moment he sealed his fate. Lord Mole, Hiram Burrows, you are mine.

On the balcony to the bedroom, I take the time to pilfer a Rune from his chest in front of the bed before climbing up to the awning above. It's made of incredibly sturdy materials, so I have no doubt that it will support my weight. All I have to do now is sit, wait, and figure out how exactly I plan to get the job done without leaving evidence behind. He takes his time getting here, but eventually I hear him outside the door, chastising the watchmen. Part of me wonders exactly how much they like Lord Mole. If he wasn't paying them money, how many of them would stay out of loyalty? My guess is few. As the door opens, I summon a swarm of rats to attack him. Watching the guards panic and swing their swords wildly, trying to assist him, my heart jumps as I see one of them accidentally swing their blade directly into the Lord Regent, killing him on the spot in a similar scene to the the Pendleton twins.

Oh dear, what a terrible accident. Apparently the guards in this city have trouble defending their lords from the rats.

Though I probably should look around and scout for more Runes and Bone Charms, I opt to not take my chances with Dunwall Tower Security. I leave exactly the same way I came in, using the chandelier to keep out of sight of the patrols and sneaking back into the vent. My journey back to Samuel's boat goes a lot smoother than the one I made to get to my final target. After a few Blinks, I am back on the roof of the water lock and in a good position to dive into the water and swim to the boat. Explaining that the deed has been done, a weight appears to lift from the boatman's shoulders, and he takes us back to the Hound Pits.

As we travel, Samuel confesses a mix of unease and excitement for the new change, worrying that the small guys like him may end up getting steamrolled. I didn't tell him for fear of worsening his mood, but deep down I share the same apprehension. All the evidence I've gathered points to this being the perfect moment for the heads of this conspiracy to show their true colors, assuming my guess is correct. I hope I'm wrong, but considering I'm the foremost expert on being backstabbed, I trust my instincts. I can hear the party in the bar from here, so I decide to join the festivities. As Pendleton praises my final victory, he hands me a drink. Both him and Havelock seem excited for the changes to come, and in their fervor give a toast to me and Lady Emily.

In the excitement of the moment, I imbibe the fluid from the glass and immediately curse myself for it. I wait a few moments, and think that I might be okay as I listen to Callista argue her case to Martin that she should take the job of caring for Emily. It was then that my vision began to blur, and I knew that I had made a terrible mistake. It's getting worse and worse, and I don't think there's anything I can do about it. The only thought crossing my mind is the vain hope that if I get to my bed and rest, maybe they'll be too chicken shit to finish me off and I'll have time to recover. Frantically, I rush up the stairs and to my room, but as I reach my bed, I collapse onto the floor. I've been lucky so far, but it appears this is where my journey comes to a close....

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