Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disclosure Alert: Alpha Protocol: Episode 30: Chain-Letter Terrorism

In this episode, we muse about the nature of life, shock traps, and tea. Also, some chick gets shot.

The e-mail in this game really is a missed opportunity. Since the game doesn't really allow for Thorton to really keep up casual conversation with a lot of his contacts, this could have easily been a way to build up (or maintain/reduce) Thorton's rapport with somebody well after you've completed the hub they were featured in. It also would've given them a chance to flesh out the world a bit more through newsletters, spam, and the like. (Yes, I know that Thorton's e-mail is top secret and encrypted, but Rule of Funny allows it.) It's a shame, really.

I actually really like the mission in the warehouse. It's a short section that establishes a few facts that become relevant in light of things we learn in other missions. Stealth and combat are both viable options, and some light hacking is involved as well. Anaphysik is correct, though, that it would make more sense as an introductory mission than one in the second half of Rome.

It is interesting to note that had Spoiler Warning actually started an Alpha Protocol season, we would never have started Disclosure Alert. The whole premise of this show is that "Spoiler Warning won't do Alpha Protocol, so we have do it ourselves." If they do decide to do AP in the future, I'd be curious to see how their commentary lines up with ours.

The "shallow way" that Shamus was playing games back then is exactly how I've been playing games lately. My Twitter is afoul with many many games I quit in the middle when I got bored of them.

I love how, in a matter of a one minute side conversation, we completely tear apart the very notion behind Rome's storyline. It is very much in the line of Bond villainy seen in many spy movies. Part of me wonders if that's the point. The other half wonders if I'm giving the game too much credit. With Alpha Protocol, it's sometimes hard to distinguish between what was intended and what was a quick rewrite. This is one of those times.

Really, once we get out of the broom closet, the plot to Rome doesn't make sense. Still, I can't help but adore it for being over-the-top Hollywood-style. As I keep saying in these posts, AP feels like a homage to spy movies of all sorts. This is a Bond-style plot, so it fits. Moscow and Taipei are also ripped straight from spy movies. I want to say this is intentional, but truthfully I don't know for sure.

True story, an alternate title for this episode was "Michael Thorton Comes Out of the (Broom) Closet."

Also, here's a clip of the "Shock Trap" scene we were talking about in this episode (Skip to 3:06):


anaphysik said...

True*r* story: Cloud's original title was "Came Out of the (Broom) Closet"

But then we decided that Spoiler Warning references must happen ;)

anaphysik said...

That e-mail is so infrequently brought up in the game is particularly criminal because of /the loads/ of writing that went into it. Seriously, with every single piece of intel having an e-mail, some of them quite long (basically the non-[dossier, sniper dead drop, map] intels all have substantial e-mails), plus all the main e-mails... That's a lot of work into world-building that just gets ignored :/
(I didn't even notice that intel e-mails were a thing until the second playthrough, and I'm the kind of guy that looks for EVERYTHING to read.)