Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Texture Pop: Episode 13: Spoopy

As the Halloween episode, we considered it very important that we don't talk at all about Halloween and act like the holiday doesn't exist.

Instead, we decided to do our usual antics.

0:00:00 Introductions
We never did discover Chris's joke. It was probably about ethics in game journalism.
As a podcast about gaming should, we begin by talking about Mountain Dew and Doritos (and Soulless Geoff Keighley). Literally 10 minutes were spent on this topic.
Call of Duty also comes up in this conversation.

0:10:05 Garrett saw Gone Girl.
It was super good. I don't know movies very well. Also, we make fun of Tyler Perry.

0:12:10 Garrett apparently went to his sister's school.
We're not sure if it was, in fact, his sister's school, but there is a high likelihood.

0:14:45 Garrett plays more League of Legends.
Which I'm sure none of you are surprised by.

0:16:50 Garrett talks Game Design Class.
And I don't have more to say about it.

0:18:45 Garrett is getting into Magic: The Gathering.
Which leads into a conversation about TCGs and video games. When you think about it, it is amazing how much money is being made off of what is essential small pieces of cardboard.
Even if I wanted to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh, I fear that the game has evolved so much that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Like Chris, I would pretty much only go for a digital/virtual card game nowadays. It is the only way to keep my costs down.
Man, I spent way too much of my parent's money on Yu-Gi-Oh in retrospect.

0:25:00 Garrett discusses his 360 exploits.
And brings out Sam's PC elitism by mentioning that he plays better on a controller than a KB&M. It's adorable.
I love that you can't see the visual joke on our audio-only podcast.

0:31:15 Viewer Questions
And the fact that Sam is no longer the only one to have access to the e-mail is confusing him.

"Have you guys heard about the controversy over the indie game, Hatred?"
Yes, I have. It looks so pointless. I just don't get it, and have nothing further to say on it beyond what was said on the podcast. Having said, this game came out at a terrible time, when the industry's reputation has been shot by recent events. We need to rebuild our credibility, not shatter it further.

"Have any of you guys played the old Ninja Gaiden games?"
I have, but I am really bad at them. The only game I played in the franchise is Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I died... a lot.
Chris is in a much better position to talk about them than I would be.

0:45:20 I played Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.
After all of the SMT games that I have played in the past few months, it is of no surprise that the other guys are getting confused by all of them.
An impressions piece on Nocturne will be released in the next few days. Expect an impressions piece on it in the next few days. My explanations on the cast we're great, so I hope that piece will better clarify my thoughts.
Yeah. Interesting, if niche, game.
The article on Persona 3/4 that Sam is referring to is this one that I wrote.

1:01:00 I played Shin Megami Tensei IV.
The big thing I am noticing in SMT IV is that ATLUS has finally been clued in to the fact that literally no one liked how fusion was strongly linked to needed to deal with the random number gods.
Which is a good thing. It saves the player a lot of time and patience.
Having said that, this is still an SMT game. Do not expect the game to give a shit about your pansy ass.
That comment on Persona being SMT-lite really isn't a joke. The original intention behind the Persona franchise was to make a more beginner-friendly SMT game. It did not succeed.
Technical difficulties were experienced.

1:11:50: Chris has been playing Hyrule Warriors.
And, very briefly, goes into a rant about how Dynasty Warriors gets a bad rap. I tend to agree with him on that, personally. Yeah, the Warriors games are stupid fun, but stupid fun is fun nonetheless. I even find myself enjoying them when I play them, as rare as those occasions are.
I sincerely wonder if Ganondorf being the bad guy is a spoiler. It is a lot like Mario and Bowser, where it would be more surprising to not have him as the villain. At the same time, some people might be upset at finding that out.
Aside from that, I have not much more to add to the conversation in the cast.

1:30:10 Sam was selling furniture.
Which gives me a pun opportunity.

1:32:10 Sam plays Adventure Express (by Adult Swim Games)
And it's freemium. Interestingly enough, it reminds me of Marvel Puzzle Quest.

1:33:50 Sam tried a game called Out There.
Not much to say.

1:35:50 Sam played a game called Device Six.
Again, not much more to add beyond what was said.
The trailer Sam was referring to is here.

1:42:50 Sam picked up Shadow of Mordor.
One of the rare times where you'll hear negative critiques of the game.

1:47:30 Sam talks with my game design buddies about indie games.
I honestly did not know my friend Javy was designing his own games. One of the ones Sam was talking about is this one. The site Sam says Javy referring him to was this one.

Javy himself is a pretty cool dude, that I talk games with all the time. You can follow him on Twitter. When Bioshock: Infinite was released, I did a Spoiler-Cast with Javy and our mutual friend Marc Price after we had all finished it. You can find that here.

1:53:00 Wrapping up.
My Impressions of Project X Zone are here.
And Sam's website is here.

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