Saturday, March 14, 2015

Interactive Friction: Far Cry 3: Bonus Episode: BLOOD DRAGON BRO!

In the next few days, Sam and I will begin our second season of Interactive Friction. But before we do that, we thought it would be nice if we wrapped up a few loose ends surrounding Far Cry 3

What Blood Dragon really demonstrates is how fun the core mechanics of Far Cry 3 can be when the developers just let loose and have fun with the whole thing. Unlike vanilla Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon has a lot of heart behind it, even if it does have parts where it falls flat on its face.

Stylistically, the game does well by invoking the style of a bygone era. I love the color palette this game chose to use, because it stands out among many of the other games, The whole glowing-things aesthetic also provides contrast with other games.

There are also a lot of design decisions that are really nice. Since this is a smaller game, it makes sense to unlock many of the skills that took Jason so long to get at the start of the game. The linear leveling system helps avoid bogging down the player with choices that aren't that important. All sorts of other minor details really give it its own style.

The rest of our commentary stands out on its own, so I'll let the video speak for itself.

Before we close, I would like to make an announcement. Season 2 of Interactive Friction will be posted on Monday, March 16, 2015. The game we will be playing is....

A Let's Play Series is born! Welcome to Interactive Friction: Tomb Raider!

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