Monday, August 29, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 7 - Blood on the Bayou

Today, we get down and dirty in the swamps of Mississippi:

Back in the Mardi Gras mission (Episode 5: Part 1) I discussed the problem Blood Money has where guards exist in a binary. They either shoot you on sight or are completely unaware of any danger.

The other problem I briefly touched on with that is that the noise of one shootout is loud enough to attract the attention of more guards. So once a shootout starts, more guards will step up to the plate to take their turn at fighting 47. The noise from *that* fight attracts more guards, and the process continues until he's slaughtered nearly every guard in the level.

The gunplay in Blood Money is already pretty poor, so when every single guard comes out to play, the game suddenly feels very punishing. One mistake and the player is using awful gun controls and slow reload speeds to take on mooks they are likely better equipped and absolutely more numerous.

It sucks, in other words. And there's not much to do aside from eat shit or reload your save.

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