Friday, September 9, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Part 11 - The Final Contract

Today, we break into the White House to stop the president from killing the Vice President:

With the exception of the tutorial, which is only linear so that it can teach players about the game's mechanics, this is the worst, most linear level in the entire game.

No matter which disguise you use, no matter how stealthy you are, no matter what you brought in with you at the start of the mission, that window is the *only* way to get into the White House proper from the start at the Museum.

In a game that is defined by the number of different, varied, and creative ways any single assassination can be executed, this is a terrible example of what not to do in a Hitman game. And even if it wasn't, it's problematic b/c  of the finicky nature of the game's controls. With correct timing, it's still largely up to whether the game recognizes that you want to enter the window and starts the animation.

On top of that, there're so many camera that it is unreasonable to expect players not to get caught by them. That's not too bad since the evidence tape is really close to the level's starting position, but it does add an extra layer of frustration to an already annoying level.

It *is* possible to get Silent Assassin in this mission, but I have no desire to play it enough times to figure out how.

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