Tuesday, October 4, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman (2016) - Episode 7 - Pizza Pasta!

After our fabulous performance in Paris, we head to Italy for some much a needed vacation... and murder.

After this episode, I looked up the use of the Modern Lethal Syringe, just in case I had missed a good, or at least an interesting, use for it.

Unfortunately, my conclusion seems to be the consensus. The modern lethal syringe only exists so that even if the player can't find good lethal poison in a level, that they still have a valid method of complete challenges for taking care of targets with poison.

But this renders the weapon redundant in a few ways. Most missions have a poison vial somewhere in the level. I have personally found a vial in every level aside from Sapienza. So even if the syringe wasn't there, I could still get poison kills.

And speaking of Sapienza, leveling up to level 11 in Sapienza nets players the infinitely more useful Lethal Poison Vial. Instead of having to directly inject the poison into a target, like with the syringe, the poison vial can be used on food and drink, to kill targets when the go for a snack. This will almost always be a more discreet action, take less effort, and put the player in a better position to complete the contract.

There's nothing wrong with having a few items that aren't very valuable, and the game isn't made worse with the inclusion of the lethal syringe. It just seems odd to have it there at all. In any circumstance where it would make sense to use the Modern Lethal Syringe, it would much more sense to use either your bare hands (and free up that slot for another item with more utility) or the Fiber Wire (which as we'll discuss in the next episode, is also fairly worthless).

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