Monday, December 5, 2016

Kingdom Hearts Primer - Chain of Memories - Episode 5 - Chronic Backstabbing Syndrome

Do you constantly find yourself staring at your friends back, wondering exactly what knife would be best suited for plunging into it? If so, call your doctor right away, as you might have Chronic Backstabbing Syndrome.

It's amusing to watch Sam ask all these questions as we go through the series. It's not the exact same as a newcomer going through the series with fresh eyes, since he has played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 before. But he played them so long ago, and never touched any of the other games in the franchise, so it's close enough to serve as a good facsimile.

I've followed this series close enough and for so long that none of this even phases me. So not only would I have never done this series without Sam (because it was his idea), but I honestly couldn't. He's become my reference for what the "average player" knows about Kingdom Hearts.

While there a lot of questions that I did anticipate having to answer, like which side is Axel actually on and what the hell is a Nobody. But there are others than I didn't totally anticipate, like who Zexion is. As a fan, I know the most common sources of confusion, but I forget all those less common, but still important, minor details that still need to be explained. This is something I just could not do without Sam.

We're done with the filler part of this game. From here on out it should be all story all the time.

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