Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hitman 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 4 - Mumbai (Attempt 2)

Now that the game's save system is back online, we can safely continue the Improvisation Run. We return to Mumbai to finish what we started.

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I was surprised at how quickly this run in Mumbai went after last time. Part of it obviously comes down to map knowledge, since I know much more about the level layout and mission stories than I did before.

But part of it is how good Hitman is at informing the player of what's going on in their surroundings at any given moment. Given any particular screenshot, I would be able to identify exactly what is happening in the shot, even if I didn't know anything in the map prior to that. Dots over enforcers heads, instinct to see other people through walls, HUD elements to show when players are either trespassing or in a hostile area, and the new picture-and-picture system from Blood Money all make the game incredibly readable.

That said, I'm a little disappointed in how smooth this whole mission went. I want things to be a little chaotic, and this was far too smooth to experience what happens when things go wrong.

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