Monday, December 31, 2018

Hitman 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 5 - Whittleton Creek

And now, our Improvisation Run moves from the slums to the suburbs in Whittleton Creek. Separating from the ICA to pursue his own agenda, Agent 47 is out to finish what he started as a little boy.

As I said during the recording, part of me wants to see the version of Hitman 2 where IO leaned more heavily into the idea that Agent 47 is going into this (and the next) mission without ICA backup. I understand why they didn't do that, but I would have liked to see something like they did with Hokkaido in Hitman 2016. It would be cool to need to reach a certain mastery level before the full suite of item slots, or the ability to smuggle in large items was unlocked.

That said, it was still cool that since the ICA isn't backing us up, we needed to look for clues as to where the final mission will take place. I think they could have improved on the design, since it does suck to get repeat clues when you're looking for the last one you need (and I'm very sure that Ark Society robe was supposed to give me my third clue), but it's a great idea.

The other thing I wanted to talk about it just how glitchy my experience has been with Hitman 2. On top of the hard crash seen on stream, and the save problems that we had last week, I've also had issues where loading into a map caused my monitor to go black, requiring me to restart my entire computer to bring it back. Part of it comes back to the budget problem this game had to have had, but it really sucks to see Hitman suffer in that way.

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