Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hitman 2 - Elusive Target 6 (And Contracts) - Javascript Sucks

This Elusive Target might be Deja Vu for some of you. Unlike the previous Hitman 2 ETs, this is a "Legacy Target". In other words, the brought this one back from the 2016 game to give players another opportunity to take them out.

So let us work together to take out "The Protagonist". And afterwards, let's look at some player made Contracts.

First off, while I would prefer for these old targets to just be available permanently so that players don't have to adjust their schedule to fit in their weekly Hitman 2 redownload, it's good to have them made available again so that those who missed them before get another chance.

This is actually a target I missed when it first came out, but watched someone else complete on YouTube after the fact. I could skip that exploratory "scouting" phase of the target can get right down to perfecting it. And since this is one of the earliest Elusive Targets, getting a Silent Assassin was simple.

I talked about contracts before in my episode on it from the old Hitman Let's Play. While I don't have much to add to that video/blog post, Contracts add another valve of replayability that help improve overall map mastery (in terms of player skills and miscellaneous challenges) that I can't help but appreciate.

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