Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Marvelous Duo Returns - Ultimate Alliance 3 - Part 2

Our adventures in the world of Marvel media continue, pushing through the worlds of the MCU, including the Netflix shows and the films that have become more popular than God.

Join us, The Marvelous Duo, consisting of Acharky and myself, as we fight the forces of evil with our favorite superheroes(?) from comic book canon.

Something I want to touch on, which I didn't in the last post, was the problems we faced with the online play. The first was simply not being able to play online until both parties have completed the opening chapter. This is one of those things that is more of a minor irritation than a genuine issue, but I enjoy running through a campaign with my friends from start to finish. When it's time for game night, this can serve as one more in the line of issues setting up.

But more importantly, there's the issue of how characters and experience are handled in network games. In previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, although I was hosting and largely in control of the party structure, Acharky was able to hot swap to any of the characters in the party as if they were his own. Additionally, his characters earned experience, even if the game was using my versions of them.

Here, he is limited to using a single slot, unable to swap to any of the other two since they are technically owned by me. And since they are mine, I am able to swap freely between them. The game treats him as less of a partner and more of a guest inhabiting my world. Even when he dies, he can't swap to one of my crew on a temporary basis to revive himself. As far as experience goes, no one else of his roster is gaining experience. Likewise, I'm not getting experience for Captain America even though he's in the party, because he's not "mine".

Thankfully, the ability to dump XP cores into underleveled characters to catch them up, but it's another one of the minor irritations, and still doesn't solve the inability to hot swap between characters.

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