Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Marvelous Duo - Ultimate Alliance 3 - Spoopy Expansion

What? Just because the game is over doesn't mean that we have to be done with it. And as long as new content continues to get added to Ultimate Alliance 3, The Marvelous Duo will perform our duty in playing it live on stream, to later be uploaded to YouTube.

Though marketed as a new campaign, in truth the Curse of the Vampire expansion is more like a series of challenge rooms that remix content from that base game, along with several new boss fights, to tell a mini-story of sorts. Just in time for Halloween, it's up to us to find and neutralize the source of the titular curse.

I confess that while I am somewhat disappointed it's not a new campaign complete with new areas, cutscenes, et cetera, this was also a fairly unrealistic expectation. For someone like me who hasn't spent much time in the Infinity Trials, these challenges inject some variety into the game by forcing players to use different strategies than the ones that carries them through the base game. And even for people who have, there are a few new conditions and enemies to spice things up.

Acharky and I had a great time running through these Gauntlets and unlocking the new character, even if they weren't at a high enough level to use. It's good that the challenges range from level 5 to level 30, because players can still take on a few of them no matter where they are in the game's main story.

I look forward to seeing what else they add in the coming months, and to have excuses to resurrect The Marvelous Duo.

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