Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Marvelous Duo - Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Danger Room Update

Despite a few delays, my good friend Acharky and I would never miss out on an opportunity to be Marvelous, and this latest update to Ultimate Alliance 3 allowed us to do just that.

Join us as we talk about comics and media while taking on newcomers Iceman, Gambit, Cable, and Phoenix. And then, we take the Danger Room for a spin and do some Infinity Challenges.

As we both said during the stream, neither one of us are fans of the concept of the Phoenix Force. Personally, I don't find it interesting, but that's only as a casual observer of comic book lore. My only real experience with it is as an evil entity that just possesses people to destroy the universe... or something.

That said, it makes sense to include her in the roster of playable heroes, along with the rest of this update. It's good to see the X-Men finally get some much needed love after being snubbed for years due to the movie rights being owned by Fox, and Disney unwilling to provide the free advertising to a competitor. I only wish this didn't come at the cost of the Disney monopoly acquiring even more intellectual property to be sealed up, forever out of reach.

And it's nice to see Ultimate Alliance 3 getting updating so long after launch, even if there's only one more planned update remaining. My complaints with it aside, I still want it to succeed. While a lot of my problems, like the fact each character is leveled separately, will never be fixed, I can at least recognize that new features make leveling under-developed characters easier.

It's always good to come back, and I can't wait to return for another stint with the next update.

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