Wednesday, July 1, 2020

In League with the Legends - Playing the Long Game

Core Set 2021 is just coming out, and the meta for MTG Arena is going to be in flux because of it. So while we give things time to settle, let us return to Runeterra to see play a few matches with some new decks/strategies.

This time, we'll be aiming to play the long game, with tactics intended to stall out and out value aggressive decks over time.

As always, thanks to MobaLytics for sourcing all of these excellent deck ideas.

Deck Lists:
  • Endure Spiders/Aristocrats:  
  • Heimer Control:

As an Elenda, the Dusk Rose player, it feels really good to have an aristocrats-esque strategy to play in Runeterra. Sure, it might not be the most effective, but it can absolutely close games in the correct setup.

It helps that we have such excellent payoffs in They Who Endure and Neverglade Collector, which can turn the tide. Paired with strong sacrifice targets like Avarosan Sentry and Cursed Keeper, and ways to kill our creatures like Blighted Caretaker, Glimpse Beyond, and combat, everything we need is right there for us to use and abuse.

The Heimer Control deck is equally straightforward. Our goal to take advantage of either Heimerdinger or Vi's abilities by throwing as many spells around as we can in their presence, stalling the game until we can do so safely with powerful targeted damage spells.

If we can play even a couple of spells which Heimerdinger is out, the value we generate from his turrets and absolutely close a game on their own. And if we get either him or Vi to level up, the game is basically over.

Simple, powerful decks, but sometimes that's all you want.

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