Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disclosure Alert: Alpha Protocol: Episode 25: Exactly Like a Spoiler Warning Episode

It has been a long time, hasn't it. Let's just say that since recording the first part of Rome, Aldowyn had, and continues to have, a number of issues he needed to deal with. I hope you can forgive him, because we've sure taken him to task for the delay.


Anyway, this week we also have a very special guest joining us for the first half of our tour in Rome. Those of you who watch Spoiler Warning over at Twenty Sided will recognize Josh Viel, whom we were happy to have with us. It was a very fun recording session.

Also, funny story: Aldowyn was recording all of us, but he lost the files. Fortunately, anaphysik had backups. Unfortunately, his connection sucks. As a result, we had a few problems getting this together. There were also issues with the game audio. *sigh* >_>

This is one of the easiest and shortest non-contact missions in the entire game. Also, it's the only one of it's kind. I actually really like this mission, simply because it breaks away from other gameplay missions (And let's be honest, the parts where you aren't having conversations really aren't that good. I say that as a fan of this game.)

As for the suit, I have a theory that Obsidian originally tried to make this a mission where you had to blend in, but either realized how much effort it would be or that it looked goofy given the way Micheal Thorton looks and controls during gameplay missions. It's much easier and sensible to have this setup as a mission where Thorton scans them for Mina to get info on. I have to admit, given the recent gov't spying scandals, it's interesting how readily available all this data is to your operation. To avoid going further down the politics rabbit hole, I'll stop at that.

It's worth noting that saving or killing Al-Bara, despite him being a confirmed terrorist working with Al-Samad, does NOT affect your relationship with Shaheed if he's still alive by this point. He'll comment on it, but his reputation won't change.


Jacob Albano said...

I absolutely hate the sniping in this game, at least with a mouse. It's floaty and imprecise, and makes this mission incredibly tedious.

I actually hex-edited a save file once to enable the tux for standard missions. It has the same stats as the normal civilian clothes, but there was a weird bug that caused my pistol to always be oriented to the right while I was in cover, which made it impossible to aim while peeking left. It's a real shame; I was dapper as heck.

I felt like the email beep was a missed opportunity. It would have been awesome if you could get side missions, requests for intelligence from your allies, or extra goals for your missions through email. It would have incentivized players to check their computer more often and the need for a mysterious beep would have been eliminated.

I've got this dream RPG that I hope to be able to make one day, and parts of it were inspired by a thought I had about this game: What if it were possible to turn Darcy to your side by sending emails about Halbech to him instead of Scarlett or the Black Market? You could potentially skip that whole boss fight at the end, while still allowing for him to "arrest" Mike as a ploy to get back inside the Graybox. There's yet another compelling way to integrate the email system deeper into the game.

Jacob Albano said...

I should clarify: I don't hate this mission, I just have trouble sniping on a PC due to this game's input issues. I think the idea behind it is super cool and I wish more games had interesting, distinct segments like this. Despite really hating Hitman: Absolution, I had a lot of fun with the Sniper Challenge minigame.