Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 46: Devil May Cast

0:00:30 Gaming News
Arkham Knight's PC Port is awful
Just to reiterate, the PC port was outsourced to a different studio. Still, this is another example of the PC audience getting shafted when it comes to big publishers.

Eurogamer Interview with Destiny's Creative Director makes him look like a jerk.
This is one of the worst interviews I've ever read. Eurogamer did a great job staying professional and asking all of the right questions, but the responses were just awful. You have to read it just to get the full force of it.

0:14:08 Chris has beaten Murdered: Soul Suspect (Spoiler Alert after 0:15:56)
Though it isn't the first time we've talked about it, I am glad that Chris finally played the game. It may not be the best game out there, but it does a lot of interesting things with its premise.

0:25:00 Chris and Sam played Dragonball: Xenoverse together.
I honestly think the Chris and Sam sold me on the game during this conversation. The only catch is that they play on the PC. Even with my new laptop, I'm unsure if I could run it well. I'll do some research and wait for the next sale before making a decision.

0:39:23 Sam and I talk about our escapades recording Interactive Friction: Watch_Dogs.
Alternate  sub-title: The Watch_Dogs save system is GARBAGE!
When the next Interactive Friction episode comes up, I will go into more detail about why this particular problem perplexes me.

0:43:30 I played the Devil May Cry HD Collection
This convinced me to get the Special Edition of DMC4. That tells you enough about my time with the game.

0:55:45 I played Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
I love the unreliable narrator trope, so of course I would love this game.

1:02:01 I played Rayman: Legends
Really, you can't go wrong with Rayman Legends. It's scientifically impossible to dislike it.

1:05:30 Chris, Sam, my friend Ryu, and I played Lost Planet 2 together.
It's.... a game.

1:11:30 Wrapping Up
My Dark Souls article
Interactive Friction

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