Thursday, February 4, 2016

Interactive Friction: Mirror's Edge: Episode 8: Fight Club

This is Sam's least favorite level in the game. That's partly because he had to record it far too many times, but also because it's just poorly designed.

One thing you'll notice in this level, more than any other, is that Sam was stopping and looking around frequently. Sometimes it was to look for which platform he had to get to. Sometimes it was to get his bearings or to redo a failed jump. However, every time is a damning statement on why this level sucks.

On top of that, you'll also notice several times where after failing a jump, he had a redo a decent amount of climbing in order to get to a point where he could try again.

And then we get to a sniper battle and subsequent duels. I can't fathom why they were in the game. They actively discourage movement by forcing you to stand behind cover to break line-of-sight. Because Celeste has trained her sights on you, this is actively worse than the subway section from earlier.

I just don't understand. This game was so good at the start, and I wish I knew exactly what went wrong.

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