Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hitman (2016) - Episode 24 - Trepidation

Another Elusive Target: "The Ex-Dictator"

This Elusive Target is noteworthy for two reasons.
  1. This Elusive Target is the very first target to take place in the hotel in Bangkok
  2. It is also the first one to have two targets.
Since players can no longer retry an Elusive Target once any one objective has been complete (in this case, if either of the two targets is eliminated), the most obvious way to minimize risk was to eliminate both targets at the same time. That way, there is no time where I cannot retry while a target is still on the loose.

But before we can even think about that, the very first step was to find a way to get into the restaurant undetected, or to find some other opportunity to take care of them. Unlike Paris, I have a limited experience working in Bangkok, so I didn't have quite the map knowledge that I'm used to when dealing with these targets.

Thankfully, since players can still retry up until the point where an objective is complete, I had the chance to look around, scout the area, and take my time in cooking up my approach. While the Elusive Targets will severely punish failure, and players need to attempt them within the allotted window, the contacts themselves are by no means unfair. Players still have the ability to take their time, think, and come up with a method that works for them.

Like an good puzzle, a Hitman contract is posing a question to the player, and expecting them to come up with an answer. In this contact, these questions are:
  1. How will you (the player) approach the target without setting off an alarms?
  2. Once you get your approach nailed down, how will you perform the kill while giving yourself enough of an opening to escape?
I found my answer to question 1 this episode. Next episode, we'll answer the second question.

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