Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Alpha Protocol - Closure Alert - Finale

We've waited over 5 years this. At long last, a project I didn't think would ever get finished... is complete.

(The full Closure Alert playlist can be found here.)

First off, I want to thank Aldowyn and anaphysik for agreeing to come back for this. All of us have mostly grown and moved on, and it was hard to carve out enough time to record, but we somehow managed it despite life tugging us in so many different directions.

In many ways, Endgame is a phenomenal section for all of the many different permutations of it that exist. Even though we went into a lot of detail about how the scenes involving our chosen handler, Scarlet, Mina, and even Yancy/Leland can differ wildly depending on how the rest of the game goes, we barely scratched the surface. You could start looking up different ending possibilities and still not get them all.

That said, in many ways, it's also a microcosm of Alpha Protocol as a whole, including all of its downsides. Anaphysik was right to point out that a large amount of it, especially once we're above ground, feels largely like throwaway, filler content. The fights with Darcy and the Helicopter are large unnecessary. In Darcy's case, his character feels more static and shallow than anyone else, because none of his segments change at all with his reputation (which is pretty much locked in the moment players leave Saudi Arabia, since he isn't involved with any of the big hub plots even in a background capacity).

The other thing I want to draw attention to has less to do with Alpha Protocol and more to do with me. If there's anything I have taken away from this experience, going back to finish what the three of us started so long ago, is that I have grown into such a different person than I was back then. It's reflected not just in my commentary (which anaphysik noticed that Aldowyn and I had wildly different point than we did back in Disclosure Alert), but also in my attitude. The person who joined those two way back in the way feels so alien to me. He didn't realize how rude he was, or how much he didn't know. In many ways, I'm glad we didn't finish back then because it gave me a chance to try again, and partly make up for my past ignorance.

This was more than just another Let's Play. This was a deeply personal work, and I'm glad to have finally seen it through.

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