Monday, April 15, 2019

Resident Evil 2 - The Spooky Bois - Finale

After braving all of horrors of Raccoon City, we have finally reached the end of our long journey. Thanks again to David and Clayton for joining me for this, because it would have definitely turned out a lot worse without them.

Despite spending most of the game completely starved for ammo, the endgame gives us more than enough gunpowder to make any kind of ammo we need. Combined with our status as walking pharmacy, we had plenty of resources to last us through the finale.

I had a blast with this game, and I'm glad to have experienced a part of gaming history that I missed out on way back in the day. This is a great remake and introduction to the Resident Evil series. Continuity issues aside, there's a good story here and the actors do a great job of selling the characters.

What a treat. Hopefully, you'll join me for whatever I do next. :)

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