Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Marvelous Duo - Ultimate Alliance 3 - Part 4

The Marvelous Duo finds ourselves in the jungles of Wakanda, on a hunt for the Winter Soldier and the Infinity Stone he took from MODOC. What perils await our two heroes, both Acharky and myself, and their Marvelous team!? Tune in and find out.

As absolutely dumb as Thane's decision to hand over the Infinity Stones is, for a variety of reasons, it's difficult to fault the game for choosing to take that route. After all, that kind of plot thread is fairly standard of a comic book story, and it serves as an adequate reason to teleport us off to Hel/Asgard while giving Thanos the Infinity Stones for our final confrontation.

And tempted as I am to fault the game for not teaching me how to order my teammates to combo attack with me... I don't know how much I can blame it for that one. Acharky pointed out that the initial tutorial in the prison cell tells the player how to do it, and I had no trouble then, but it never occurred to me to do that at any other point. Perhaps the game could've hammered it in a bit more, or shown me in the context of those chests, but it's difficult to say how much of that would have actually helped.

I'm torn about this section of the game, because while some of the mooks, like the Hel Guardians and the Snipers in Wakanda, are genuinely either threatening or troublesome. However, once Acharky and I adjusted our tactics, they didn't pose too much of a threat. And likewise, only one of the bosses posed a genuine threat. To that end, it's hard to call the game difficult. After that spike in the Dark Dimension, this is a welcome reprieve, but it's also incredibly underwhelming...

Next time, we'll finally finish this.

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