Sunday, November 17, 2019

You're All Bones - Medievil (PS4) - Part 3

Our bonely friend Sir Daniel Fortesque needs our help in his quest to rid the Kingdom of Gallowmere of the evil sorcerer Zarok. And as valiant heroes in our own right, who are we to refuse the call?

And where we are, things are looking positively eldritch.

While this PS4 version of the game is a marked improvement over the original, there are still problems with the base game that can't really be solved in an HD rerelease no matter how much polish goes into it.

The Pools of the Ancient Dead are one such example. Although have a free roaming, easier to control camera improves the quality of life, it does nothing to make the platforming in this level any easier. And since the penalty for falling is the loss on an entire life bar, any jump is instantly much more precarious than it feels like it should be. It's even worse when collecting the items we need to beat the level also erases bridges to make moving around even more difficult.

Fortunately, now that we've completed both that and The Lake, we shouldn't have too many more difficult platforming locations. That's about as bad as it ever gets.

We're making good progress through the game, and with luck we'll wrap up next session. Despite my griping and salt, it's been genuinely fun to go through this game again since it's been so long. The development team should be proud of themselves for the work they did on this project.

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