Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Spooky Bois - Resident Evil 3 - Finale

This is normally the part where I would that we are "at last" finished with Resident Evil 3, but that would imply we played it for very long. The truth is that this was actually an extremely short series, this being the third episode. And yet, we have already arrived at it's conclusion.

With my friends David Phillips and Andre Doucet in tow, I had nothing to fear braving the final act of this adventure to save Raccoon City.

Ignore all the evidence of your lying eyes and ears. I am, in fact, a good video gamer.

That said, it's clear that my audio balancing skills could still use some work. Though I appear to have largely fixed the issue with my own audio, I did not set the audio for the Discord chat correctly, which made my guests difficult to hear. All I can do is promise to continuously improve the more I do this.

I might also try switching to XSplit if these issues with OBS continue onto other games, but thankfully that's not as much of an earth-shattering issue because I can splice footage together.

As for the game we played, the real problem with Resident Evil 3 is that it's difficult to talk about it outside of the context of Resident Evil 2. It's not a bad game, and it holds up well when judged on its own merits. It's not scary, but it plays well and has a great sense of atmosphere. And though it's not a long game, that also means it doesn't drag. While I have some frustrations with individual rooms, there isn't a segment that stands out as overwhelming vexing. It's all generally solid, polished content.

That said, it's hard not to be disappointed in some respects. After the way Mr. X defined the Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Nemesis feels underbaked and underutilized. He's less of an ever-looming threat and more of a recurring set-piece. Even when we do encounter him similar to how we had to keep away from Mr. X, just a simple grenade knocks him out for the duration of that encounter. Later in the game, we don't even get that. We just get boss fights, and it's difficult to feel like anything special about a standard video game boss fight.

Jill and Carlos are fun characters in inhabit, and they have a decent chemistry with each other. Both of them are capable people, making the best of the resources they have in an effort to do the most good. I also like that it seems that Carlos is starting to fall for Jill, but Jill herself doesn't really go out of her way to accept his advances. She's always focused on the task at hand, and while she trusts him, she's still focused on keeping the city safe.

I hope I get another reason to come back to this series soon, especially if I can get the goon squad back together for it.

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