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“What a Terrible Accident” Let's Play Dishonored: Part 7: The Twins

My daughter is now safe and sound, so I can breath a small sight of relief. That being said, I can't go with her just yet. Before heading back to her and Samuel, I still need to eliminate the Pendleton twins so that Trevor can take control of his family's voting block. Thanks to the conversation I overheard earlier, I know that Morgan Pendleton is in the Ivory Room and Custis Pendleton is in the Smoking Room, located on the second and top floors respectively. In order to avoid the long arm of the law, it would be best to find a way to make these kills look like the result of unfortunate circumstances. That may be easier said than done. I'll need to case their individual rooms to discover the best way to pull this off.

But before I do that, the Heart tells me that while I was in the attic, I missed a Rune. Since it's only a few flights of stairs away, I should get it now so I don't have to worry about it later. On my way up, I hear the whispers of a Bone Charm. The Heart begins to beat in my pocket confirming what my hearing already told me, leading me to take a brief detour into one of the rooms by the stairwell. Along with the Charm, there were also a few valuables I may be able to use to pay for my supplies in the future. Sadly, this artifact, like previous charms, is of no use to me, so I drop it in my bag. Heading once more for the attic, I arrive at the room with the Rune. As I enter, I see a woman cleaning her room, probably awaiting a client. Quickly, I move in, grab the Rune off a table behind her, and dart back out before she notices anything turns around. Taking a quick breath, I return to the floor below and retreat onto the awning above the second floor balcony.

Opening a window, I decide to try and stick to the rafters for this one to avoid detection. Arriving just outside of what appears to be the lobby of the building, I overhear one sad, pathetic guard tell another about how he thinks one of the girls in this brothel might actually like him. Saying what I'm thinking, his buddy politely reminds him that both him and the girl are in a whore house, and she's on duty. That's when I notice the other Rune on the wall. While they are there, I can't swoop in and get to it, so I decide to wait until they finish their little spat and leave. After dropping down and snatching the Rune, I teleport back up to my hidey-hole, deciding that now is a good time to develop my powers. As before, I open my mind and receive a vision. In it, I see myself next to a rat. When I activate my powers, I throw myself, body and soul, into this little rodent, forcibly seizing control of its form. Pouring my Rune energy into this vision, I feel my powers react and once more develop further.

Returning to reality, I use Blink to move onto the top of the circular metallic decoration above the lobby. Walking around, I see a door labeled “Ivory Room”, and recall that one of the twins is located there. A quick scan of the area nearby reveals a door to a balcony right outside the Ivory Room. I think that I can use that balcony to sneak around and get a better view of what's inside. Before I do anything, I watch to see if any guards are coming out of the door. To my detriment, there is one. He shows no signs of moving from his post and if he remains, he'll spot me when I make my move. I have no intention of being caught, which means he has to be fed to my summoned rats. What happened next was perhaps the most awesome thing I ever witnessed, and entirely unexpected. My rats did take care of the guard, but his screams brought another guard out of his post in order to see what's going on. To my surprise, Morgan Pendleton also took the time to move away from his whore and charge the unknown threat (which is odd when you consider that the room he is currently occupying is supposedly soundproofed and he's a noble, therefore a complete coward). The two of them together were accosted by the rats that remained. Why the guard decided to use his pistol against the rats, I have no idea. What I do know is that he missed completely and instead shot the first of the two Pendleton twins square in the chest, killing him instantly.

Oh dear, what a terrible accident.

Retreating back to the rafters, I sat there for a moment in pure astonishment. That went nothing according to plan, and I'm all the better for it. It's taking everything I have right now to suppress my laughter. One down, one to go. Regaining my bearings, I remember that the other Pendleton, Custis, is upstairs in the Smoking Room. The staircase upwards is to my right and in plain view. As I go to climb it, I see two watchmen returning to their posts upstairs after witnessing the commotion, so I wait a moment before advancing. When I do, I take position atop the light fixtures on the top floor. I see the Smoking Room from my vantage point, door wide open, but the guards are on high alert after the incident with the rats downstairs. Acting on instinct, I teleport into the Smoking Room. Luck is on my side today, as there are decorations I can use to hide behind as I move to the balcony. I know what I need to do, but it's going to require good reaction time.

I see Custis talking to his prostitute, and their conversation is quickly turning ugly. It's no secret that the Pendletons and the Boyles are not on good terms, so to hear him say that he wants her to dress like one of the Boyle women is alarming. I feel bad for the girls, but what I'm about do will likely not turn out well for her. Accepting the potential collateral damage, I summon a swarm of rats onto Custis Pendleton. They devour both him, and his unlucky partner, quickly. (Note: I don't know how, but the mission results page insists that no civilians were killed in this mission, so apparently she survived and I didn't realize it.) The guards won't even have time to react as I've already teleported down onto the streets, quietly hiding while I figure out how to get out of here. When the watchmen just outside turns around, I dive into the alleyway and make my way back onto the rooftops. All I have to do now is head for the door to Clavering Boulevard and make my escape on the boat. Blinking behind a cluster of nearby crates makes getting back onto Clavering a joke, and when I do make it back I scale a guard tower to avoid being spotted. From there, I regain the high ground and, through a series of Blinks, make it back to the top of the guard tower on the other side of the boulevard. It is a short trip from my present location to the coast, where Emily and Samuel are waiting for me. Giving them the go ahead, we depart this place and make our way to the Hound Pits Pub.

As we are about to dock, Samuel accidentally talks about what I just did, in front of my own daughter no less. Dude, I like you and think you're a great friend, but stow it! Emily somehow takes it in stride. She clearly knows what's going on, but is either trying to feign ignorance for my sake or just doesn't want to believe it. After making it ashore, Callista introduces herself to Emily as her new tutor for the duration of our stay here. Emily seems to take a shine to her, and I feel like I can trust Callista to care for her, so I let the two of them go for now. It's then that Havelock finally appears and praises me once more for my skill, assuring me that the conspiracy is going according to plan. My only problem is that once this is all done, I'm pretty much convinced that his plan does not at all involve me living through this after hearing his audiographs. Turning to part with me, the old admiral says that the last remaining Pendleton sibling would like to speak to me personally.

I find Trevor at the base of the lighthouse, staring out into the horizon. When I walk up to him, he turns to face me. He has... an odd way of showing that his brothers' deaths are affecting him. The nobleman clearly knows that what I did was best for him, but he still can't quite accept that his own family is dead, partially by his own hands. This is when he begins to have a bitch fit about all the money that was spent breaking me out of prison and I stop listening until he tells he that... Havelock is looking for me? I just spoke to him, so that's stupid. Honestly, I have no idea why I'm working for these guys at this point. I have my daughter back and, aside from Martin, they clearly aren't competent to any significant degree. Plus, Havelock is making it really obvious that he's likely going to kill me. Actually, I have an idea. Before going back to speak with the navy man, I think I'll inspect the second floor rooms again. Perhaps if get some dirt on them, I can blackmail the two of them as a way to keep them in check. Sadly, the search turned up nothing but a Rewiring Tool in Pendleton's room. I should keep my eye on them for the duration of our working relationship, because I fear it'll cost me my head if I don't.

Returning to the bar, I see Cecelia serving drinks to both Havelock and Martin. According to them, Baldy's book makes mention of a consort of the Lord Mole who has been giving him the funding to run his little operation. Sokolov apparently painted her portrait, so in order to get at her, we'll need to kidnap him in order to get him to cough up her identity. When we first spoke after my prison escape, Havelock assured me that his goal was to get Emily on the throne. I wonder if he's being honest with me about that. Is there an ulterior motive? Is this really best for Emily? I don't know, and I don't trust them. Still, I suppose I should at the very least keep my options open. If I plan to continue this little game, I'll need to leave now in order to catch Sokolov at his apartment on Kaldwin's Bridge. This will be the first time I've ever abducted someone, hopefully it's the only time. These things have a way of getting messy. As I tell Samuel to head off, I feel my head racing with all sorts of questions. Maybe a mission is just what I need to clear my head right now....

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