Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 27: My F**king Panty Party

Sam could not make it to this week's recording because his job had left him physically exhausted that weekend. As a result, this is a bit of a shorter cast than usual.

Also, we had no viewer questions this week. If you have a question, comment, or anything else you want to be read on the air, please e-mail us at thetexturepop@gmail.com. We'll be happy to read what you send, within reason.

0:01:20 Gaming News
Persona 5 Teaser Trailer
I really wish Sam was here for the Persona 5 conversation. Chris and Garrett are great conversationalist, but they don't care as much about Persona 5 as Sam and I do, so it would've easier to have a conversation with him around.
One thing I want to note is that there was a Final Fantasy XV trailer that also came out this same week. In comparison, the Persona 5 trailer looks so much better. It's not surprising, but it is indicative of the obvious transition to from Square-Enix to ATLUS as King of JRPGS.

Naughty Dog says getting Uncharted 4 to 60 FPS is "really hard"
We've already discussed the whole Frames Per Second thing before, so this conversation felt a bit more-of-the-same, doubly so without Sam here. However, it is still worth reiterating.

Nintendo's new revenue-sharing program
I do want to make a correction of a mistake I made in this video. Nintendo takes 30%. The video maker takes the remaining 70% of YouTube revenue. That's still really pointlessly mean, but less so than I made it out to be in this segment.
Still, the fact that they want any piece of that pie is a really bad precedent to establish. It speaks to the bad part of Nintendo's decidedly older paradigm when it comes to video games. They make good consoles and good games, but there's no excuse for this ignorance of the online space.
There's still one thing we didn't mention is that Nintendo will only allow content from a pre-approved list of games. If you want to do a video on Smash Bros, Nintendo does not care about you. It's shocking how backwards this line of thinking is, and I hope it bites them in the ass.

0:22:30 Garrett lists everything he did in rapid-fire (and I can't keep up)

0:26:30 Garrett discusses game ideas he has from his Game Design class.
"Iron Aurora" copyright 2015 to Garrett Glazewski.

0:34:30 I have been playing Final Fantasy VI
You're probably getting sick of hearing me say this, but I have an article on the game in the works, so I want to keep my discussion of it hear to an absolute minimum. I have a large queue, I know, but please bear with me.
Still, we had a great discussion of the game here. I had a blast playing and I easily see why so many people love it.
I do love how Chris gets to be the "modern Final Fantasy sucks" guy, since he's the oldest.

0:57:25 Chris plays Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (because of DLC).
It's Borderbutts. If you like Borderbutts, you probably already own it.

1:07:10 Chris played more Hyrule Warriors (because of DLC)
And I've got nothing to add, unfortunately.

1:11:00 Chris played Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
Y'know, I've never been a fan of the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Having said that, I'm impressed at how bad Chris's descriptions and examples make this game sound. I really can't envision myself having much fun with it.

1:28:00 Wrapping Up
Interactive Friction is here.
My inFamous: First Light article is here.

After the podcast was released, Sam had a chance to write his own opinions out, since he missed the recording. You can find that article here.

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