Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Interactive Friction: Tomb Raider (2013): Episode 11: Tomb Wader

In this episode, we go through the dumbest segment in the entire game.

The number of factors that have to align just right in order for this ship in the mist to exist on the island is great. Mathis's men need to first get motivated enough to want to build a ship. There are two big problems that would get in the way. First, they would need to spend most of their time finding food for their legion. Should that hurdle be passed, then the other problem is that nobody would see the point, since every ship that enters and leaves this island gets wreaked.

Assuming that we solve those problems and get enough motivated people to join the effort, how do they get enough materials in order to construct it? We barely gather enough scrap in our time here to build all of our weapon attachments. There are also dangers in gathering all of these materials from other crashed vessels.

On top of those problems, we also have the logistical problem of building that of high off the ground. What purpose does that serve? What factors would lead to the decision to make it so much further up than you'd ever need the ship to be?

And if all of THAT gets taken care of, and they managed to build the ship, why are they so eager to shoot it up in an effort to kill you? Is Lara that important that all of this clear effort can so casually be discarded? Are the people here that crazy that they'd abandon such a large project?

It doesn't make any sense. Not that it's a bad segment, but it just doesn't follow any stream of logic.

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