Monday, August 15, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 3: Part 2 - Clinical Aggression

In this episode, we redeem our failures from the previous run:

You can kinda see the genesis of the Contracts Mode that I/O Interactive introduced in Hitman: Absolution (and Hitman 2016 later) here. Even though we have a clear, primary target to take out, we also have two other targets that provide bonuses.

And all three of these targets have their own separate set of opportunities, schedules, and blind spots that can be taken advantage of. In essence, you have three separate contracts in one level, along with the mission to save Agent Smith.

So it's easy to see how the concept of "focusing on someone other than the mandatory hit" could come about from that. Back when Absolution was first released, I/O Interactive talked about how they took inspiration from players doing something much like all over. We'll see similar kinds of characters in later missions, but this level is where that starts.

As for the level itself, it other one of those smaller, but very dense locations that I like most in Hitman. They tend to make for some the better levels in the game.

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