Wednesday, August 17, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 4 - Poking, Prodding, and Used Panties

You've been invited to a very special day. It's the day where Suzie's dad dies during her own birthday party...

This is without a doubt my personal favorite mission in the game. Though the actual house is small, there's so much going on within that house that you'd be surprised. There are donut-loving FBI Agents, seductive housewives, used panties, pool boys, waiters, and even a party clown. And any or all of them could come into play during the mission.

But the area of play isn't limited to the house itself. You can also pilfer supplies from neighboring houses, like sedative and a BB gun, to make use of during your real approach.

Players with for knack of sneaking can even sneak in through the basement or the garage without even getting a disguise at all. It's tricky, but certainly doable.

All sorts of playstyles can find something that caters to them in such a small field of operations. This is where Hitman is at its strongest. The way I demonstrated is only one method of getting Silent Assassin (and admittedly one of the easier ones).

Creativity, exploration, and experimentation is encouraged more than anything else. Shame about the guard who sniffs the panties... 2006 humor doesn't really translate well into the modern day, but we'll comment on that in some of the later episodes.

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