Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hitman (2016) - Episode 23 - A Simple Hit

Today, we undertake a new Elusive Target: "The Identity Thief"

With all the Elusive Targets, I have noticed that a very large percentage of them take place in the Paris map. To a degree, that makes a lot of sense. Paris is the first map they released, and it comes with the Intro Pack, which otherwise only includes the tutorial. This means that if all a player purchased was the intro pack, then they still have a chance to wet their feet with a Elusive Target or two before they drop money on the rest of the experience.

It's also a very large map with a ton of moving parts. Not as big as Sapienza or Marrakesh, but there's a noticeable size to the Paris map. And with the fashion show, the auction, and all the many people gathered here, it's easy to both think of some story justification for why the target is in Paris and a good routine for them to enact once they're in the level.

On the other hand, this makes Paris a strange focal point for a lot of the content added to the game. For people like me, who have played the game so much, Paris is almost like a second home. I have nearly memorized the Paris map after all of the many times I have played contacts and Elusive Targets in it and/or seen others do the same. Sapienza also gets this treatment, but to no where near the same degree as Paris.

This leaves me conflicted. I understand why Paris gets so much love, and I appreciate IO going out of their way to keep sticking their noses out for newcomers. At the same time, I wish the other maps got a little more love. I want to have more reasons to go to Bangkok or Colorado or Japan aside from just killing some time.

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