Friday, January 4, 2019

Hitman 2 - Improvisation Run - Finale - Isle of Sgail

And here we are, at the Grand Finale. Despite a rocky start, I'm extraordinarily proud of both of this mission and the run as a whole.

I can't imagine how many people will watching and shout at their computers "The crowbar is just to the left! Why aren't you going left!?". That said, I have to admit that I'm glad that it went down in this way, because I got to see an aspect of Hitman that I normally don't.

And even once I found the crowbar, so that I could find the dagger for the Janus Mission Story, we had an incredible moment where I couldn't stop getting bodies discovered. It was remarkable the way all the systems seemed to be conspiring against me, and it felt awesome to just change outfits and walk away as if nothing happened.

Even more incredible is that despite the extraordinary level of carnage on display, the rest of the run went smoothly, and I never felt the kind of suspicion or danger you might expect from a security force where a large amount of their co-workers suddenly got murdered by one man. I was genuinely surprised at how resilient the system was in this case, and how everyone went back to their routines after the "danger had passed", allowing me to continue play normally.

And as for the kills, they were ungodly satisfying. I didn't realize how badly I wanted a genuinely deserving callback to the funeral in Blood Money until it happened in this recording. They used Ave Maria towards the end in Absolution that felt unearned and out of place. This is not that at all. I couldn't be happier that I was able to do that on stream.

The other one was excellent too, thought more for the person I was impersonating than for the actual assassination itself. Hearing the constant scare him out of voting in favor by saying that "It'll be communism" was one of the most darkly hilarious conversations I've eavesdropped on in a video game. Even better was evacuating the Constant without any difficulty after leaving the blood to dry. As a said, very few things can evoke that same feeling on complete control in the way that finale march out of the Isle of Sgail did.

Thank you to everyone who took part, either here or on stream. The fact that you all choose to spent your free time here with me is so incredible impactful, and I hope I live up to your expectations. We'll still be doing all the future Elusive Targets, and expect other games/streams as we move into 2019! :)

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